If you notice this indicator onea��re getting into a PlayZone signal partner setting. That means the place concurs to both perform within PlayZone laws as well as get applied for conformity by ACON.

If you notice this indicator onea��re getting into a PlayZone signal partner setting. That means the place concurs to both perform within PlayZone laws as well as get applied for conformity by ACON.

The ACON PlayZone Rule features:

  • 100 % free condoms and lubrication are going to be produced from start to finish.
  • Totally free condoms and lubricant can be available near spots such as the darkroom.
  • Facts leaflets on sexual health, hospitals, HIV and STIs would be offered.
  • Know-how leaflets can be accessible near locations with close lighting effects.
  • Lighting is acceptable adequate to help you take a look at guides readily available; discover the complimentary condoms and lubricant; thus team can clean up precisely which means you observe where you stand moving.
  • Cleaning up is accomplished effectively, with all the right technology therefore you dona��t have messier than you ought to.
  • Can be competed in the essentials of reproductive health, along with drugs and alcohol, and also be capable of provide where in fact the expertise leaflets tend to be within the site if you require these people.
  • Should be able to help you to if you’d like standard information on sexual health or drugs and alcohol.
  • Might also be capable of giving an individual all about sexual health hospitals.

ACON PlayZone SOPV Signal of Practice Content

Feedback in the ACON PlayZone SOPV of Rehearse

  • Assuming you have any comments, commentary or want to document any information regarding a SOPV about the PlayZone Code, kindly write: playzone@acon.org.au
  • You should be aware engagement in PlayZone signal are voluntary. ACON will consider all statements obtained with regards to the PlayZone laws and SOPVs in complete confidence. Details from the remarks supplied can be offered to your SOPV professionals and workers for response.
  • If you decide to demand a reply from ACON associates kindly incorporate your very own contact details.

ACON PlayZone locations

These locale tends to be convinced of the PlayZone Code of practise:

  • 357 Sydney Area Steam
  • Sex Industry Newtown
  • Aarows
  • Exchange
  • The Den Oxford Street
  • The Delight Chest George Neighborhood
  • Sydney Spa

ACON Sexperts

The Sexperts include peer degree volunteers who visit sexual intercourse on premise venues as well as have talks making use of the users about sexual health, HIV and STI experiment, along with other relevant content.

We currently have a very dedicated and a lot of fun list of volunteers which we’ve been aiming to help to increase as we build your panels to brand new premises.

To express desire for coming to be a Sexpert call us on: 1800 063 060 | (02) 9206 2075 | groups@acon.org.au

Cervical Cancers Evaluating

Everyone with a cervix is at risk of cervical cancer babel dating dating.

Wea��re here to give know-how and encourage the significance of typical cervical evaluating for LGBTIQ group.

Cervical cancer tumors is one of the most preventable cancers, so far research has revealed that LGBTIQ individuals are more unlikely that in comparison to basic citizens to wait cervical evaluating. Getting standard Cervical checking examinations is best ways people in our forums can protect by themselves against cervical malignant tumors.

On 1 December 2017, the Pap test changed to a correct Cervical checking try. Various other adjustments through the chronilogical age of testing rising from 18 years to twenty five years, and time taken between tests switching from two to five years.

Go to the internal Circle to discover more about the changes into the Pap try, whata��s tangled up in a Cervical evaluating try, details on sex, HPV and cervical cancer and advice and tips on how make it through your very own sample.

Observe group people explore their particular experiences of cervical testing towards inside Circle venture.

If you reside in Sydney, you’ll be able to arrange in at go look at: LGBTIQ+ reproductive health hospital for a sexual health consult and/or a cervical screening challenge. Pay a visit to is actually a community-led clinic, work by ACON and families organizing NSW. All our frontline associate become coached people in the LGBTIQ+ community. Read more about take a look at and book an evaluation today.

Essential Help & Treatments

HIV Assistance

Wea��re right here to greatly help Asian homosexual males with HIV manage their own health by providing updated know-how plus numerous packages and services. To find out more go to our HIV assistance part.

Psychological State

This site offers numerous guidance and community treatment service for Japanese homosexual men, such as individuals with HIV or who incorporate treatments. To find out more please check out the Mental Health part.

Alcohol & Medication

This site offers various guides and service facilities that can help Japanese gay guy just who use liquor alongside medicines. To get more information kindly visit all of our booze & tablets section.

Security & Inclusion

Currently several websites and support service to simply help Asian gay men that experiencing homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination. To learn more please go to the security & Inclusion point.

Home & Personal Physical Violence

You can expect different budget and support treatments to simply help Asian gay men that are having domestic and parents brutality. To learn more go to our household & family members brutality segment.


We provide a range of guides and support solutions for previous Asian homosexual guy (50+). To find out more visit our very own Ageing section.